Shopping Centre FONTANA Teplice - waterproofing of concrete structure and underground garages, total of  6500 m3 of concrete

Retention Reservoir Pribram - Barandov waterproofing of concrete tanks

AGRO NOVA Ratiborske hory - repairs of concrete seals with Conseal ADMIX LIQUID waterproofing agent

Bratkovice Mill - waterproofing of the water canal, 100 m3 of modified concrete

SPECTRA Vizovice - production hall of chemical plant, floors in chemically stressed environment, waterproofing of concrete floors, 1000 m3 of concrete with admixture

Tire Service Ceské Budejovice - waterproofing and chemical floor protection

Washing Centrum Prague - waterproofing and chemical protection of concrete floors


Where is Conseal ADMIX LIQUID most commonly used?

Conseal ADMIX LIQUID is suitable for "white tubs", water and water management structures, lake and lake dams, foundation of family houses, bridge structures, tunnels, heavy industrial floors, river drives, basement and garages, reservoirs and silage pits ...

What are the benefits of Conseal ADMIX LIQUID?

The liquid form of Conseal ADMIX LIQUID is a great advantage especially for the purpose of dosing. This is especially true in concrete plants where it is possible to use the automated systems to dispense the product directly into the concrete batch without any complicated handling. In addition, the product in liquid form is more readily dispersible in the mixture. For small-scale dosing and mixing it is easier to handle a liquid form and mix faster in the concrete blend.

When and how is Conseal ADMIX LIQUID added to concrete?

Handling Conseal ADMIX LIQUID is very simple because it is supplied in a liquid form. The mixture is added either in a concrete mixer for concrete production or directly into a truck mixer or mixer at the site according to the recommended dosage.

What is the recommended dosage of Conseal ADMIX LIQUID?

Conseal ADMIX LIQUID is added to the concrete mixture in an amount of 1-1.5% by weight of cement. This is a very simple application because the product is in a liquid form. It is therefore easily incorporated into the concrete mixture.

Is Conseal ADMIX LIQUID compatible with other concrete additives?

Yes. So far, with the proper application, there has not been a case where the use of the waterproofing agent Conseal ADMIX LIQUID will affect the quality of the concrete mixture. Before use, we recommend consulting the suitability for use in a recipe with our technical department.

Conseal COAT

Agriculture Holding Dublovice nad Moravou - waterproofing and chemical protection of fertilizer collecting silo reservoir 600 m3

Agriculture Holding Milin - Stezov - waterproofing and chemical protection of a silage pit

BOVA Breznice - waterproofing and chemical protection of 3 faecal reservoirs

Biogas Station Slatina and Smolotely - additional waterproofing of reinforced concrete structures, surface reprofilation and leakage control

WWTP Klanovice - waterproofing of the building basement

Metamax Breznice - waterproofing and chemical protection of the the waste water tanks in the company estate

Private Swimming Pool Milin - waterproofing of pool structure

Agriculture Holding Krasna Hora - Petrovice - waterproofing and chemical protection of silage pit and gutters in complex redevelopment

Rumpold Prag -  sealing, waterproofing and chemical protection of the waste sump under the washing area of the company


Why to use the Conseal COAT waterproofing coating?

Advantages of waterproofing and coating Conseal COAT: Economically advantageous waterproofing solution, simple application, reliable protection against pressure water, easy to repair surface, application on eather side of concrete wall, moisture and breathable surface, wet application ...

How difficult is it to apply the Conseal COAT waterproofing coating?

Conseal COAT surface waterproofing or coating is applied very simply by mixing the two components in the recommended ratio directly at the workplace. Next, paint with a paintbrush or spraying with a very fine coat of construction technique on the prepared clean concrete surface. For instructions refer to:

What are the advantages of Conseal COAT to membrane insulation?

1. Does not require a dry surface; on the other hand, it needs to be applied on a wet surface. 2. There is no need for demanding modifications of concrete before application. 3. It does not break; no need for joints; forms a homogeneous mass. 4. Fast and accurate identification of the penetration point. 5. Possible application from both positive and negative sides. 6. There is no need to protect wall against backfill. 7. Economical and simple method of waterproofing.

On which side of the structure to apply the Conseal COAT waterproofing surface?

The great advantage of the Conseal COAT waterproofing is that it can be applied from both the positive and the negative sides of the structure. But if possible, apply from the positive side of the structure (i.e. where water comes from) under backfill.

What is the resistance of Conseal COAT to chemicals, water pressure, temperature, UV radiation, etc.?

Conseal COAT waterproofing or spray coating protects from chemical stresses in the range of pH 3-11, UV radiation, pressurized water, high and low temperatures, oxidation, and periodic moisture. For specific parameters please refer to Material Data Sheet.