Conseal PLUG

Conseal PLUG is cementitious, ready-mixed, rapid setting compound to stop water. Product can be used internally or externally as waterproof plugging mortar or where rapid setting and early strength gain is required. MIXING: Setting time is dependent largely on the amount of mixing water used. Standard value is (at 20°C): 1 part of Conseal PLUG and approx. 1 part of water. The Conseal PLUG must be added to the water and mixed swiftly. Mixing time is max. 2 minutes. In cold weather, use lukewarm water. In higher temperatures, use cold water. To avoid wastage, only small quantities of Conseal PLUG should be mixed. APPLICATION PROCEDURES: After mixing, apply the Conseal PLUG to the appropriate area immediately. Work the mixture well into the area and then hold firmly in place for min. 3 minutes. Wear rubber gloves. Maintain pressure without disturbing the material, until it has set. Remove excess material. After lightly prewetting apply Conseal COAT waterproofing.

  • 1
    Repairs of Holes for Concrete Pipes
  • 2
    Repairs of Cracks in Dam Shafts
  • 3
    Temporary Anchoring of Screws in Concrete
  • 4
    Repair of Cracks in Tunnel Walls and Cellars
  • 5
    Sealing of Penetrations under Pressure Water

Product Properties

Emergency situation

Avoiding critical consequences such as pipeline breaks, cracks in walls, cracks in dykes

Fast reaction

Very fast cure (3-6 minutes), easy handling, quick fix of the critical spot

Permanent stuffing

Sealant creates a permanent seal, does not degrade and solidifies without shrinking

Extreme application

Can be applied at low temperatures, under water and at a pressure of up to 12 atm