Conseal IMP

Conseal IMP-CX and Conseal IMP-FP are unique environmental agents for the protection and treatment of concrete surfaces. A deep penetrating impregnation layer that produces a durable, durable, dust-free and chemically resistant surface of concrete and industrial flooring, with a high gloss finish that increases over time. Suitable for preventive protection of concrete surfaces and for the revitalization of concrete floors affected by chemicals and handling equipment. It is also suitable for storage of oils, lubricants and operating fluids, for strengthening of porous natural, artistic and historical plasters, natural and artificial stones etc.

  • 1
    Industrial and Sports Halls
  • 2
    Chemical Warehouses
  • 3
    Hospitals and Schools
  • 4
    Garage and Parking
  • 5
    Gas Stations

Product Properties

Durability and endurance

Impregnation creates a compact, durable and durable surface with increased gloss with concrete

Abrasion resistance

Dramatically protects concrete surfaces against abrasion or mechanical damage during handling

Pressure resistance

The treated surface is more resistant to pressure of handling equipment and cars

Elimination of dust

Significantly reduces the dustiness of concrete surfaces and facilitates industrial cleaning