Conseal CLEANER WG is a highly effective concentrate developed specifically for heavily soiled industrial floors and concrete surfaces. The product is water-based, economical and environmentally friendly. Eliminates oil stains, rubber smears from handling equipment as well as standard dirt, sugar deposits or leaking fluids. The treated surface remains protected for longer periods from external influences due to the content of active substances that seal the pores in the concrete and create a protective coating. Allows for final coating application. Reduces the risk of alkaline "efflorescence" on the treated area. We recommend to combine it with Conseal IMP - impregnation coatings for concrete industrial floors.

  • 1
    High Performance Concentrate
  • 2
    Economically Advantageous
  • 3
    Environmentally Friendly
  • 4
    Effective in Cleaning
  • 5
    Simple Application

The product is supplied as a concentrate which can be diluted depending on the contamination (recommended dilution with 1 part of Conseal CLEANER GW to 3 parts of pure water). Can be used in industrial pressure washers or applied manually by spraying (pressure or mechanical sprayer, cloth):
1) Made a surface wet

2) Apply the prepared product to the dirty area and let it work

3) Wipe with a wet cloth (preferably with clean water) or a scraper of the pressure washers.